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The Premier Performance is an organization of over 50 consultants who have worked for more than 15 years in the field of corporate performance and quality improvement. Many began their quality experience at Florida Power and Light (FPL), which won the Deming Prize in 1989. FPL was one of the first U.S. companies to utilize Six Sigma tools and was instrumental in helping establish the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.


Many of Premier Performance's principal consultants received their original Six Sigma training from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE). In addition, they learned the key elements of achieving corporate strategy through an organization-wide improvement system as seen at Japanese companies like Toyota.


More recently, Premier Performance's consultants have worked world-wide with GE, AlliedSignal, 3M, Fidelity, Dow, Philips Electronics, ING Bank and Baldrige Award winners. Premier Performance consultants have been senior executives at companies implementing a Six Sigma program. In addition, Premier Performance consultants have served as Six Sigma instructors for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Six Sigma Qualtec and General Electric.


This broad experience coupled with Premier Performance's benchmarked Six Sigma materials allows the tailoring of the approach to a client's history, language, financial needs and strategy.









Senior Executives...

Most Premier Performance consultants have been in senior executive positions at companies implementing Six Sigma programs. They have held corporate officer positions in more than five different Fortune 500 level companies.




Premier Performance consultants have worked worldwide, in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. All of the partners have had first-hand experience on a global scale.



Quality & Performance Awards

Premier Performance consultants serve as examiners with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. One has served four terms as a MBNQA Judge and was involved in the development of the MBNQA qualifying criteria. In total, Premier Performance has had first-hand experience with seven different national, regional and state awards, including the European Quality Award.



Line Management

Most Premier Performance consultants have been in both first line management and staff positions. They have the practical experience to help a management team link this technology to strategy formulation and implementation.



Company-wide Implementation

Premier Performance consultants have been members of or assisted staff in implementing corporate-wide management system change initiatives. They provide the ability to apply Six Sigma in a realistic manner that is sensitive to cross-cultural and business unit requirements.



Experience in Various Industries

- Automotive
- Banking
- Chemical
- Communication
- Consumer Products
- Financial Services
- Government

- Healthcare
- Insurance
- Manufacturing
- Oil and Gas
- Railroad
- Textile
- Utility



THE Premier Performance ADVANTAGE


Premier Performance’s philosophy of doing business is to:

“leverage knowledge, experience and industry expertise to provide customized solutions to companies, organizations and government agencies to help them achieve their specific results.”

Premier Performance’s staff has advanced degrees, certifications, hands-on leadership experience in a variety of business and industries, and have worked globally to support organizations. The staff’s skill and ease in working with multiple levels within an organization make them invaluable in fulfilling numerous roles. Historically, we have acted as:

    • Facilitators at the senior leadership level
    • Master Black Belts
    • Project leaders and coordinators
    • Facilitators of Business Excellence and Performance Improvement training
    • Facilitators of Six Sigma Management Process
    • Faculty in Graduate Degree programs at international universities and at company in-house universities.

Premier Performance has competencies in the technology arena as well. We have extensive experience in:


    • Creation of CD-ROM and Web based electronic classroom presentations i.e. video, PowerPoint Slides, testing/evaluation
    • Creation and compilation of electronic books
    • Coordination of multipoint video conferencing
    • Translation of materials (English to other languages and other languages to English)
    • Packaging of videos in Web format
    • Development of graphic designs
    • Development of video production
    • Customization of presentation materials i.e. PowerPoint, Macromedia, Adobe


Premier Performance has worked with clients in numerous parts of the world:

    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Asia
    • South America
    • North America


Premier Performance consults to provide solutions that are customized to the unique and specific needs of our clients.








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