Our experience encompasses many industries, enabling us to contribute to the rapid achievement of your goals. We can adapt proven techniques to your needs to avoid costly mistakes and delays. Premier Performance is committed to help you reduce the learning curve, while enhancing both shareholder value and customer loyalty. We understand business processes from product conception to customer loyalty

and everything in between.



It’s rare that one of our clients asks for our products right “off the shelf ”. The uniqueness of every organization or market requires customization for the effective transfer of skills and understanding. In addition, linking concepts and ideas to ongoing initiatives speeds up application and return on investment. Over the past 25 years our consultants have developed hundreds of workshops and seminars and have provided materials that were uniquely designed for the client’s specific situation.



Working with senior management requires focused learning opportunities that emphasize critical success factors. Our approach includes customized benchmarking studies, comparative financial analysis, discussions with leaders from different companies, guest presenters and executive workshops. We recognize the importance of gaining senior management commitment by creating an environment in which they can experience success, consider alternatives and make the key decisions.



Over the past 25 years, our consultants have trained over 70,000 participants at all organizational levels. We have certified internal instructors for our products from the training of the basic improvement tools to the more advanced Black Belt curriculum. Our workshops are creative,

interactive, focused and utilize multimedia. We send certified Black Belt, Master Black Belt and Design for Six Sigma curriculum facilitators to your locations world-wide to save travel expenses. Our materials can be electronically sent and are formatted for rapid translation into the local




You may license our proven material and adapt it yourself. We will provide you with the most recent edition of the materials using Microsoft products. Our formatting and material design anticipates the requirements of our international clients.