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Premier Performance's Blended Learning Training Solution

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Organizations are rapidly moving many of their training programs to a Blended Learning environment. This enables participants to integrate much of their training into their own work schedule by viewing many of the class topics and taking topic assessments at their leisure…in or out of the office…anytime…anywhere! Assessments can be taken on or offline and then transmitted once connected to email.


The defining point behind Premier Performance’s Blended Learning offering versus others is that participants maximize their working hours while still having access to the benefits of traditional classroom training. While electronic delivery increases efficiency of training…it cannot fully replace human interaction! Realizing this, Premier Performance offers a solution that combines the industry’s best technology practices with sound adult learning structures (such as those used by ASTD), and allows for more complex topics to be taught directly by highly-trained, industry-savvy professionals. Premier Performance is confident that no other solution provider within the continuous improvement arena can deliver a comparable quality product coupled with and highly competitive pricing options.



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